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Performing Surgery


Soccer Stadium


Treat personal and team equipment, locker rooms, common facilities, and even artificial turf with the VIROLYZE product suite to safeguard athletes and fans. Eliminate unpleasant odors while protecting your athletes against infection (particularly MRSA) with the most elite form of antimicrobial available.

Open Office Space


Schools, airline cabins, train stations, libraries, and other common publicly shared spaces are under constant attack by pathogenic microbes. By coating with VIROLYZE, surfaces can be negated as suitable breeding grounds for bacteria, causing a significant reduction in opportunities for cross-contamination.

Herb Plants


Products, extracts & medicines derived from VIROLYZE protected plants surpass standards for safety & excellence. Post-harvest & final product testing reveal no trace contaminants in all residual testing categories. 

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Health Care Facilities
Health Care Facility

During the 1960-70s, the commercial use of new (and often underdeveloped) biocides as a weapon against micro-organisms in food production and healthcare was prevalent. It was not until the 1980’s when it was proven that these had caused serious biological and environmental harm that worldwide action was taken to largely ban the use of these toxic chemicals from use, although some remained such as formaldehyde and its derivatives (since removed from medical use as causing asthma and cancer).


VIROLYZE has been actively involved in exploring the potential of anolyte as a replacement for chlorine, which has been the most effective disinfectant for over a century, eradicating many harmful diseases caused by population growth and poor living conditions. However, it has been documented and proved that chlorine, when combined with organic material, would produce dangerous carcinogenic products or side effects that do not allow widespread use of this chemical on safety or environmental grounds.


Anolyte has since been used as a water treatment method in commercial and industrial applications, including human waste treatment and oil exploration, ensuring that the primary source has not overly contaminated watercourses and the environment.


Anolyte, a blend of electrolyzed brine and water, was developed to provide a unique electrolyzed water biocidal liquid that provides the cleaning strengths and benefits of chlorine without the dangerous side effects, ensuring no toxic or other side effects to humans or animals.


As anolyte is biodegradable, it is, therefore, not detrimental to the environment or aquatic life.
VIROLYZE Disinfectant remains stable and active in storage for longer time periods, making it an ideal healthcare industry cold sterilization tool with excellent sporicidal, fungicidal, and bactericidal powers while at the same time.


Identified hospital applications of anolyte but not limited to

  • Hard Surface treatments 

  • Hand washing 

  • Instrument soak and wash 

  • Decontamination of Endoscopes and Washing equipment 

  • Decontamination of water storages and pipework 

  • Podiatry – instrument washes and foot soak 

  • Radiology – wipe down of hard surfaces and decontamination of ultrasound 

  • equipment 

  • Bed and wheelchair washing 

  • Laundry pre-treatments 

  • Fogging clean areas – as part of deep clean or as rapid decontamination 

  • De-biofilm techniques in endoscopes and dental equipment

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We want the hospitality industry to look further than just “trying green” and embrace a whole new philosophy associated with the terminology of eco-solutions and environmental responsibility, to achieve that VIROLYZE anolyte is used for a variety of applications in hotels to provide clean and microbial-free water, environments and facilities. 

Areas of application:


Staff typically needs to transport at least seven or eight chemicals and various tools to each unit. Since the introduction of the VIROLYZE solutions, this has been reduced to three easy-to-carry products, along with the latest in advanced cleaning hardware.



In-house laundry can also make use of VIROLYZE products to replace several chemicals, like dangerous stain-removal and bleaching products. Staff no longer needs to be exposed to these hazardous substances. VIROLYZE also compliments existing washing powders to reduce volume and cost.


Kitchens / Food preparation

VIROLYZE products can be used for complete general degreasing and provide a high care level of sterilizing all surfaces, appliances, and hands. VIROLYZE has food-safe accreditation and is even used on food to improve the shelf life and freshness of produce, ranging from meats to vegetables and fruit. The degreaser can be added to natural oil-based products to produce a heavy-duty degreasing solution.

Other Areas:

  • Improve hygiene and odor in gyms 

  • Disinfect play areas and toys 

  • Sanitize and degrease air conditioners 

  • Manage moss and fungi growth 

  • Degrease braai grids 

  • Disinfect and manage odors in refuse areas

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Food Processing
Food Processing

‘As a single sanitation solution, the anolyte technology offers savings in time, simplifies the process, and minimizes returns by optimizing quality – which ultimately is more cost-effective. EW is safe on all food but deadly for pathogens. Food companies are now able to accomplish total hygiene management with a safe, fast, and effective natural substitute for traditional chemicals. 


Sanitize anything in any food processing facility, commercial kitchen, guest areas, food preparation areas, public assembly, and more. Unlike chemical sanitizers that are toxic, anolyte can be used to sanitize anything in your operation anywhere in your operation. 

Here is a list of potential applications: 

  • All food production and preparation areas equipment and surfaces                               

  • Hand sanitizing in the dining room and kitchen 

  • Glass, Mirrors and stainless steel 

  • Fish, chicken and beef products 

  • Guest rooms and tables 

  • Ice machine water lines 

  • Public assembly areas 

  • Fruits and vegetables 

  • Glassware 

  • Produce 

  • Utensils 

  • Floors

Other Applications

VIROlyze’s No Rinse, Worry-Free Virus & Bacteria Killing Means Unlimited and Incredible Convenience

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Water Bottles
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Exercise Mats
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Door Knobs
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Counter Tops
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Food Prep
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