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Making Pasta

We want the hospitality industry to look further than just “trying green” and embrace a whole new philosophy associated with the terminology of eco-solutions and environmental responsibility, to achieve that VIROLYZE anolyte is used for a variety of applications in hotels to provide clean and microbial-free water, environments and facilities. 

Areas of application:


Staff typically needs to transport at least seven or eight chemicals and various tools to each unit. Since the introduction of the VIROLYZE solutions, this has been reduced to three easy-to-carry products, along with the latest in advanced cleaning hardware.



In-house laundry can also make use of VIROLYZE products to replace several chemicals, like dangerous stain-removal and bleaching products. Staff no longer needs to be exposed to these hazardous substances. VIROLYZE also compliments existing washing powders to reduce volume and cost.


Kitchens / Food preparation

VIROLYZE products can be used for complete general degreasing and provide a high care level of sterilizing all surfaces, appliances, and hands. VIROLYZE has food-safe accreditation and is even used on food to improve the shelf life and freshness of produce, ranging from meats to vegetables and fruit. The degreaser can be added to natural oil-based products to produce a heavy-duty degreasing solution.

Other Areas:

  • Improve hygiene and odor in gyms 

  • Disinfect play areas and toys 

  • Sanitize and degrease air conditioners 

  • Manage moss and fungi growth 

  • Degrease braai grids 

  • Disinfect and manage odors in refuse areas

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