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VIROLYZE 60 Second Kill Time on All Bacteria and Viruses:


VIROLYZE has a pH of 6.5-6.8 and 500ppm of HOCL to give it a 20 second kill time.


Studies show that HOCL in concentrations of 50 to 500 ppm viruses shows a mortality rate of 99.999% for all viruses. By using the concentration of 500 ppm we can be confident of that kill rate with VIROLYZE that has been unsealed and set on a shelf for more than six months; up to a year unopened. 


“The Fundamentals of Chlorine Chemistry and Disinfection" December 2007, by George Bowman, the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene and Rick Mealy, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources states:


“The measure commonly used to gauge the killing power of HOCl or any particular agent is the “CT” value.”


 “CT” stands for Concentration x Time with Concentration 

  being in ppm (parts per million) and Time being in



A CT value of 10 for HOCl means:

Exposure to 10 ppm for 1.0 minute       (10 x 1 = 10 CT) 

Exposure to 1.0 ppm for 10 minutes     (1 x 10 = 10 CT) 

Exposure to 2.0 ppm for 5 minutes       (2 x 5 = 10 CT)


VIROLYZE Extrapolation:

Exposure to 500 ppm for 0.006 minutes (500 x0.006 = 3 CT)


       Conclusion: The lower the CT value, the more highly

       effective the killing agent.

20 Second Kill

Virolyze has a shelf life of 6 months after it has been opened and up to 1 year unopened.


Certifications fall into a range (50 to 500 ppm) for surface disinfectants. VIROLYZE with its 500ppm falls within this range. 500ppm gives VIROLYZE the stability and kill time as a surface sanitizer. VIROLYZE’s pH is near human skin pH.


Please see page 3 on stability studies: (Page 3 identifies time period of stability and confirms VIROLYZE 6 Month Shelf Life)

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Shelf Life

6 Month Shelf Life
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360 Degree Protection Against All Viruses and Bacteria 


The reactor that makes VIROLYZE electrically charges the water. The positive ions of VIROLYZE seek out the negative ions of all viruses and bacteria which allows for a 360-degree kill.

360 kill
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