VIROLYZE Pure Air is one of the best options in personal air purification. Weighing in at a sleek 2.22 ounces, this unit purifies your breathing space with the most powerful output available. It also comes with a breakaway lanyard for user safety and a Solid Platinum Emitter and Electroplated Gold Grid.


VIROLYZE Pure Air is the ultimate in positively charged ionization design. VIROLYZE Pure Air propels cleaner, fresher air into your breathing zone with its solid platinum permanent emitter. The emitter produces ions that creates a 3ft barrier around the head of a person wearing it correctly, which repel VOC’s, bacteria, allergens, viruses including SARS (COVID-19) and other harmful particulates from the air you breathe. 

VIROLYZE Personal Air Purifier - Tax Exempt

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